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Pet Sitting

Elle Belle Pet Sitters care for all pets, big and small! We can visit your pets in their home as often as you'd like throughout the day. Visits with your pets include one on one attention and playtime with each one of your pets and a restroom break. Our visits can also include an outdoor walk. We always ensure your pets are well fed and have fresh water during our visits. 

Exotic Pet Sitting

When we mean we care for them all, we really do! Our sitters have experience with small critters including rabbits, chinchillas, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, guinea pigs and more! We also care for all domestic reptiles, birds, and livestock. 


Equine Pet Sitting

Whether you have competition horses, family ponies, goats, chickens or all of the above, we have a Ranch Sitter perfect for you. Rather than having to load your animals and transport them for boarding, your farm animals will remain in their home environment, have their usual routine, their regular feed, and their normal exercise – the only thing to change is the person looking after them.

Please contact us for a quote on Equine and Ranch Sitting!

Daily Dog Walking

Whether your dog needs a daily walk to release some energy or a  bathroom break during the work day, our professional Dog Walkers can fulfill all of your dog walking needs. We will walk up to 3 of your pets at a time. We don’t provide pack walks, as we believe our four legged clients deserve our undivided attention. 

**Daily Dog Walking packages are available at a discount. Ask us about our packages during your complimentary Meet and Greet.


Overnight Stays

Rest assured knowing your fur baby has an Overnight Sitter with them all night long. We will follow any routine you request from sleeping arrangements to tucking them into bed. We are happy to snuggle with your pets and make them feel comfortable with someone home all night. We will arrive between 8-10 pm and depart in the morning sometime between 7-9 am. We stay up with your pets to feed, play and get them out to have restroom breaks plenty of times before bed. 

Fur babies who miss their owners love this service. When their routine is uninterrupted, they are  happy and comfortable!​